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November 29, 2007

Chapter 3 and 4

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In chapter 3 and 4 of The outsiders, they were walking home from the movies and they realized that Cherry and Marcia didn’t have a way to get home. Two-bit was going to walk them home, but the girls weren’t sure if they should go that far into the Soc territory, so he was going to drive them home, but they still had to walk a fair distance to get to the car. As they were walking to Two-bits house they saw a car coming in the distance, they saw that it was a blue Mustang, and Cherry’s boyfriend Bob (who is a Soc) had a blue Mustang. The first time it drove by they were going pretty slow but they didn’t see Cherry and Marcia, but a little while later they drove by them again and this time they were going slower, and this time they saw them, they stopped and got out. Cherry and Marcia went with them because the Socs and the Greasers were about to fight and Cherry and Marcia didn’t like fights. Later that night Pony-boy and Johnny were walking through a park and the Socs were circling it, there were 5 of them, they got out of the car and came up to Johnny and Pony-boy, they were drunk and they smelt like Whisky and Leather, they called Greasers white trash, then Pony-boy called them rich kids that drive Mustangs and Corvairs, then Pony-boy spit on one of them. They grabbed Pony-boy and put his head in the water till he was almost drowned, he passed out and when he woke up Johnny told him that he killed Bob. The 2 boys decided to run away from home. They went to see Dally, he was at a party at a guys house. when they got there he gave them $50, a gun, Pony-boy got a shirt and a sweater, Dally told them to take a train to a meadow then go and stay in a church and to get 1 week supply of food right when they get there. After they got there they cut there hair and Pony-boy died it with bleach that him and Johnny bought. After that they were looking into the mirror at themselves, then the chapter ended.



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