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December 5, 2007

Chapter 5 and 6

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In chapter 5 and 6 of The Outsiders, Pony-boy and Johnny got to the church that Dally had told them to go, when they got there the boys layed down and had a sleep. When Pony-boy woke up Johnny wasn’t there, when Johnny came back he had a bag full of stuff, Pony-boy was dumping all of it out and he grabbed a bottle of bleach, he looked at Johnny and told him no, he doesn’t want to die his hair, after a while Johnny convinced him to cut his hair. After they were done cutting it, Pony-boy bleached his hair blonde, but johnny didn’t. Dally came to see them, they went to dairy queen. Dally told them that the Soc that Johnny killed was known very well by the rest of the Socs, there was going to be a big fight between the Socs and the Greasers. When Johnny and Pony-boy got back to the church there was a fire! There was a class there and there were kids missing. Johnny heard one of the kids scream from inside, he ran in anf Pony-boy right behind him. They got all the kids out, But Johnny got real badly burnt and broke his back, and Pony-boy just had black smoke all over him. Darry and Soda came to the hospital, Darry had tears in his eyes when he saw Pony-boy. Johnny, Pony-boy, and Dally were heros now, for saving all of the little boys and girls that were lost at the church. Then the chapters ended.

These two chapters were really awesome 🙂                          


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