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April 8, 2008


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Here is the second question, “If you could put 3 aspects of your culture into a box what would they be?”

If I could only take 3 things from my home it would be my ps3, t.v. and food hehe… but being serious I think that I would take food, water and maybe  my cat!  To  me the world culture means home, because no matter where you live it is still your home, which is your culture. Cultures can be boxed! (I think…) Snow Lake (Where I live) is in the middle of no where surrounded by forest. If thats what you mean by being boxed then ya :D. What I value in my culture is everything. What I would want to save and preserve are the trees, the lakes, the houses, but most of all the view.

Thats it for now… cya! 😀



  1. How is water a part of our culture?

    Comment by Brandon — April 11, 2008 @ 2:59 pm

  2. Hey devon great post on the culture great vocabulary. this was very well written keep up the good work. I look forward on reading an other one well any ways good work and on your post on cod4 call of duty 4 look me up zapata1919 i look forward on adding you and playing with maybe were friends already well anways great job on the culture n success well talk 2 you later!

    Comment by jonathan — April 14, 2008 @ 7:02 am

  3. I like how your story is interesting because I like interesting storys!

    Comment by TF — May 12, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

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