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April 15, 2008

Questions for school

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Hey guys… I thought wrong on my last post :O! I thought they were going to be putting up 2 posts a DAY, but really they are putting up 2 posts a WEEK! Well anyways, sorry.

These are the new questions, the first one is: What is the most important thing that a parent can do for a teenager?

From my prospective the most important thing my mom can do for me right now, (cause I’m a teenager :P) would probably be giving me money and stuff, of course I have a job though… but my mom wants me to save my money so whenever I need some I just ask her :D! I would also say that I need food and drinks and stuff.

No one really absolutely NEEDS dirt bikes and quads, or computers… You absolutely NEED your parents though :D. If I didn’t have my mom, (not so much my dad, he lives 9 hours away from me!) I don’t know what I would do! It would just be like 50 years of boredom and quietness! Yea it would suck… But thats what I think parents can do for teenagers! 😀

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  1. No one absolutely NEEDS a computer…. but I like having one. <_<
    I’m jealous of you. My mom doesn’t give me money whenever I want. D: How do you think your mom will react when you become a truck driver? Think you’ll still be able to mooch money off her? 😛

    Comment by Brandon — April 18, 2008 @ 2:29 pm

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