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June 19, 2008

End of the year!!

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The end of the year s here…. I don’t think I am going to be writing on here anymore very much. Although if people start leaving comments or something I could write back to them. Well… thank you all for reading my blog. Ill  catch ya guys later…. cya 🙂


June 13, 2008

Copyright law

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Heyy readers… Today when we came in to school our teacher told us something that was kind of shocking. The government is trying to make a new law that wont let people (including myself) download music off limewire. If we get caught doing it there will be a $500 fine per file!! now thats just dumb…hey? sure it is…but here is something dumber, if you get caught downloading the file from limewire and then uploading it up to you tube you get a $20,000 fine…. I think that is just dumb…and I hope that they don’t make that a law or I’m going to be paying like $600,000! lol…well cya guys later… school time -.-

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