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April 8, 2008


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Mr. Fisher and a couple of other teachers from Los Angeles decided that they are going to place questions on there blog. There will be 2 questions a day. The first question is “What does success mean to you?”

To me success means to be happy, and have the life that you have always wanted. Having a successful life would mean the whole world to me. Well for me to be successful it wouldn’t be that hard… I want to be a trucker! 😀 (that is true, I love semis). People that I would consider to be successful are my grandma and grandpa… they are both 60 and they have a 35 year old son and a 40 year old daughter. Both of their children have kids and a great job, they are really lucky to. For example this past wk it as spring break, and my grandma and grandpa wanted to go to the casino. They went and came to my uncles house at 2 in the morning and told us that they lost $150 but they won $2000.

Cya 😀


March 27, 2008


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Yesterday I went ski-dooing with Kelsey, Mike, Katie, and Logyn. It was fun, we found some powder and just decided to tear that up. Me, Mike, and Kelsey got stuck, but Katie is to scared to drive in the powder so  she just kinda sat at the trail and laughed at us. My mom bought me a new snowmobile not to long ago. It is a 2001 arctic cat z 370. She bout it from her friend because she was selling it. She bout it for me so that I don’t wreck her sled. It will go about 100 miles on a tank of gas, it is really good in the powder too. I got stuck on it about 4 times so far. Its not very sat but it does the job. It will push 70 miles per hour. I have to go and colour some stuff in science now haha cya guys later.

March 20, 2008


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Today in class we just started talking about Santa Clause, the Tooth fairy, etc. We sarted on that topic somehow… (I dont remember :).) We were talking about how Santa, Tooth fairy, etc. myths were created. Santa Clause (Saint Nicholas) WAS actually living. He was a 4th-century greek christian Bishop. He was known for giving gifts and filling the dowries of pour women so they wouldnt have to become a prostitute. I have to go to class now though… I’ll add more on to here a little later XD, cya later!! (All my infromation so far is taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus)

March 7, 2008

Skidooing with friends…

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I go ski-doing with my friends all the time. I usually go with Mike, Kelsey, Katie, and Randy. It sucks when Randy comes because he doesn’t have a ski-doo so he always has to ride with me!! Kelsey has a ski-doo touring 380. Mike has a MXZ 380. Katie has a MXZ 500. I have a Sabercat 700. https://i0.wp.com/www.paadipood.ee/mootorsaanid_kasutatud_tellimisega/tmo/Ski-Doo%20Grand%20Touring%20380%20F-2001.jpg

This is Kelsey’s sled.


This is mike’s sled.


This is Katie’s sled.


And this is my sled.

The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.snowridermag.com/skidoo/images/2008summit-6.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This is Katie’s step dad’s ski-doo 2008 summit rev-xp 800… I really really want it!! 😀

March 4, 2008

New computers!!

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In our classroom we got 10 new little tiny laptops. The type of computer they are is Asus. They are really small, I think they are 8 inch screens or something like that. They were $400 each. Half of them have a software called Linux, (its a free software you can get by typing in “Linux Ubuntu download” on google) The other 5 have Windows XP. Our teacher, (Mr. Fisher) said that the Windows XP machines have had some problems with other people in the past… but the Linux ones work very well. Now that we have the 10 new laptops, there is enough computers for everyone in our class to use. I hope that none of the computers break or crash or whatever, so that we can all have a computers, and we won’t have to go in groups for everything that we have to do on the computers.

 Cya guys later 😀

February 29, 2008

Science Fair

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Hey guys,

Its that time of the year here in Snow Lake… Science Fair time! I really don’t like the science fair… but this year it was kind of fun! Me and Tyler worked together, we restored a type of glue called “Moo glue” (by restored I mean brang back to life) this glue was used in World War 1 to hold wooden aircraft frames together. The purpose of it was to see if the “Moo glue” could hold better than carpenters glue… it turned out that it was better! yeaa it was pretty sweet.,.. but me and tyler didnt get a prize :(… the winners in th science fair were Keplyn got first, and Brandon and Skyler got second place. It was pretty sweet.

well anyways guys cya later!

February 22, 2008

World of warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an online MMORPG. The objective of the game is to get to the highest level (which is level 70), and to get more/better gear. You can choose any of the eight races on one of the two sides, the sides are… Alliance, and Horde, the Alliance can either be a Human, Gnome, Dranie, Night elf, and a Dwarf. The horde can be Orcs, Trolls, Blood elf, Tauren, and Undead.

There are 8 different types of classes you can choose from, there is a Mage, Shamman, Warrior, Warock, Priest, Rogue, Paladin, and Hunter. You have to get better weapons in order for you to be able to level at a decent speed, weapons or armor can be Grey (which means it isn’t good), white (which means it is better than grey but it is still no good), Green (which means it is better than white and it is ok), blue (which means it is better than green and it is a pretty good weapon) Purple (which means it is a lot better than grey white green or blue and it is awesome) orange (which means it is a really good weapon that is better than any other weapon, and it is really hard to get.) and there is red (when the name of and item is in red… it is called an artifact, you cannot get it no matter what you do, unless you are a gm (game master) then you can create your own items). It doesn’t matter what the color of you armor name Is, because it depends on the stats that it gives, lets say there is a green for level 68 that gives +29 stamina and +32 agility, then there is a blue item for level 70 that gives +54 strength and +11  agility, the green one is a lot better.

If you want to join go to www.worldofwarcaft.com

It costs $15 a month… the website gives more information about it.

Hope to see you in game!! 😀

December 5, 2007

Chapter 5 and 6

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In chapter 5 and 6 of The Outsiders, Pony-boy and Johnny got to the church that Dally had told them to go, when they got there the boys layed down and had a sleep. When Pony-boy woke up Johnny wasn’t there, when Johnny came back he had a bag full of stuff, Pony-boy was dumping all of it out and he grabbed a bottle of bleach, he looked at Johnny and told him no, he doesn’t want to die his hair, after a while Johnny convinced him to cut his hair. After they were done cutting it, Pony-boy bleached his hair blonde, but johnny didn’t. Dally came to see them, they went to dairy queen. Dally told them that the Soc that Johnny killed was known very well by the rest of the Socs, there was going to be a big fight between the Socs and the Greasers. When Johnny and Pony-boy got back to the church there was a fire! There was a class there and there were kids missing. Johnny heard one of the kids scream from inside, he ran in anf Pony-boy right behind him. They got all the kids out, But Johnny got real badly burnt and broke his back, and Pony-boy just had black smoke all over him. Darry and Soda came to the hospital, Darry had tears in his eyes when he saw Pony-boy. Johnny, Pony-boy, and Dally were heros now, for saving all of the little boys and girls that were lost at the church. Then the chapters ended.

These two chapters were really awesome 🙂                          

November 29, 2007

Chapter 3 and 4

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In chapter 3 and 4 of The outsiders, they were walking home from the movies and they realized that Cherry and Marcia didn’t have a way to get home. Two-bit was going to walk them home, but the girls weren’t sure if they should go that far into the Soc territory, so he was going to drive them home, but they still had to walk a fair distance to get to the car. As they were walking to Two-bits house they saw a car coming in the distance, they saw that it was a blue Mustang, and Cherry’s boyfriend Bob (who is a Soc) had a blue Mustang. The first time it drove by they were going pretty slow but they didn’t see Cherry and Marcia, but a little while later they drove by them again and this time they were going slower, and this time they saw them, they stopped and got out. Cherry and Marcia went with them because the Socs and the Greasers were about to fight and Cherry and Marcia didn’t like fights. Later that night Pony-boy and Johnny were walking through a park and the Socs were circling it, there were 5 of them, they got out of the car and came up to Johnny and Pony-boy, they were drunk and they smelt like Whisky and Leather, they called Greasers white trash, then Pony-boy called them rich kids that drive Mustangs and Corvairs, then Pony-boy spit on one of them. They grabbed Pony-boy and put his head in the water till he was almost drowned, he passed out and when he woke up Johnny told him that he killed Bob. The 2 boys decided to run away from home. They went to see Dally, he was at a party at a guys house. when they got there he gave them $50, a gun, Pony-boy got a shirt and a sweater, Dally told them to take a train to a meadow then go and stay in a church and to get 1 week supply of food right when they get there. After they got there they cut there hair and Pony-boy died it with bleach that him and Johnny bought. After that they were looking into the mirror at themselves, then the chapter ended.


November 28, 2007

Chapter 1 and 2

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In class I am reading a book called The Outsiders, it is written by S.E Hinton, the book is pretty good so far, in chapter 1 and 2 it mostly explains the characters, the gangs, and the events that had happened between the gangs before the book, they also tell some of the setting. Some of the characters are Ponyboy, Twobit, Darry, Soda, Johnny, and Dally (dallas). The main character is Ponyboy. Ponyboy’s friend Johnny got pretty badly beet up by the socs one day when he was looking for a football in a field, one of the people that had beet him up had rings on his hand so his face got cut up pretty bad. Ponyboy, Dally, Johnny and Twobit where at the movies and Dally was being mean to them, when Dally left the girls asked Ponyboy and Johnny if they want to come down and sit besdie them to protect them. Ponyboy and Cherry went to get some popcorn, and Ponyboy started talking about how the Socs had everything… but Cherry wasnt agrreing with him, she was saying that it is harder than it looks and stuff like that.


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